Audio Conferencing solutions

You would now host or start a conference call with your groups, partners, and associate easily. Artisan Netcom audio conference handles volume irregularities, audio transmission issues, and inadequate security, putting you in control, easily and cost-efficiently. Move up to a web-based conferencing system, so you can have virtual meetings with an online audio call.

Benefits of Audio Conferencing through Artisan Netcom India

1) Cost-Effective: Easily connect anytime, anywhere. Meaning your teams can continue to be productive no matter where they are. And it won’t increase your costs.

2) Security: Dial-in using Mobile, connect with Access Code to each participant of the call. You can restrict who has access to the call all at the touch of a button.

3) Manage each call: Participant List and Participant Count, Mute/Unmute, Online Portal are just some of the features that make Audio Conferencing simple. Moreover, since this is delivered through the cloud, you can control and moderate the audio conference call on any device, completely at your convenience.

4) Best quality: Gain access to high-quality audio on your conference call. This improves satisfaction, and helps cut down unnecessary downtime, or lost minutes, or miscommunication due to bad, less-than-standard call quality.

We provide different type of Audio Conference Service with high quality these are:

#1. Audio Conference For Meeting Room, Board Room, Conference Room

Audio Conferencing services are the perfect communication platform for sales and marketing calls, project management calls, investor calls, and more. With this service, you can easily interact with your clients, co-partners, and many more. We provide Audio conferencing service for every platform like meeting room, board room, conference room, etc. We also design and integrate Lighting and Acoustic Paneling in Conference Rooms. With the help of this interaction become easy, Voice is clear and audible to everyone, no disturbance, and no issue while you are in an important meeting.

Conference Room Automation

Conferences and meetings have become an integral part of the business. We design state-of-the-art integrated technology solutions for the hi-tech conference rooms. With the evolving market, global customer, and widespread multinational business video/audio conferencing have become a necessity. Simple handling of modern technology is becoming increasingly important for presentation and conference. A paperless meeting room with an electronic whiteboard, high lumen projectors, motorized curtain controls and screens, intelligent lighting systems, widescreen plasma / LCD monitors, audio-video systems that are integrated to work for specific requirements and easy-to-use manner.

Conference Discussion & Voting Systems

In delegate meetings, board meetings, and other discussions microphones with control software is very helpful.  This allows the chairman to allow, disallow, queue the speakers, or restrict the number of participants talking at the same could be managed.  The whole discussion could be recorded on to media and be distributed.  The system could also provide a facility for voting.  Artisan provides the best discussion and voting systems from reputed manufacturers.

Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

ARTISAN provides a Simultaneous Interpretation System for any type of event, meeting, convention, etc where the floor language is to be translated into other languages. The system provides facilities for interpretation, distribution, and reception of floor language or interpreted languages using infrared technology. Wireless receivers with provision to select language and headsets are also provided with the system.

#2. Turnkey Projects of Audio Solution for Auditoriums

We made custom-designed, corporate small/medium/large Conference Room & Auditorium, sitting arrangement varies from 20 persons to 400 persons. We provide complete setup of Audio Visual System so just plug-and-play and enjoy your meeting with full concentration.

#3. Design and Integrate Audio System

The art of fruitful broad media joining lies in the capacity to grasp the key components of sound, vision, and message and upgrade them so everybody remains totally connected with and ready to contribute all through. Artisan Netcom’s India expert sound frameworks contain smart arrangements that work as one with other AV advances to make completely coordinated interchanges conditions for a wide scope of utilization in all market divisions.

#4. Design and Integrate Audio System for Board Rooms

The audio-visual systems needed for board rooms are generally the most advanced solutions that any organization will invest as it is the boardroom that hosts the most professional meetings with foreign clients, or where important internal decisions are made.

#5. Design and Integrate AV system, Lighting & acoustic Paneling in Conference

Our Audio solution with advance and a lot of features such as wired and wireless systems, antenna connection, recording software, and many more. Artisan Netcom also integrates the presentation audio solutions for a wide range of environments and integrate with other AV technologies.

Artisan Netcom India Private Limited about professional audio systems technologies.