video wall solutions

Artisan Netcom’s finished portfolio of excellent LCD, LED video wall incorporates a wide scope of various sizes, goals, and advances. Our enormous scope show frameworks are structured by video wall specialists with many years of involvement with video divider display technology.

LED Video Wall Solution

Direct view LED video divider innovation is getting progressively well known because of its capacity to convey consistent pictures, versatility to any measure or shape, and superb ideal attributes that make video divider content look extraordinary from any edge. We offer LED products in several configurations easy to use for your application.

LCD Video Wall Solutions

lcd video wall

Artisan Netcom’s innovative LCD video wall arrangements are explicitly intended to convey exact and splendid visual messages on the world’s most demanding environments – from control rooms to advanced signage and structural applications.

Indoor LED Video Wall Solution

video wall solutions

Indoor LED Video Wall is all about creating a great experience for your visitors. It is a technology that is making its way forward and is becoming a boom. Not only is it becoming increasingly popular but also excellent in terms of resolution, sizes, and shape. Going with the flow of the digital era, it is the perfect platform to upbeat the competition with the help of new-age displays & entice its customers with vibrant & grand LED display.

Indoor LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch Specifications:

Pixel Pitch (mm) Brand Name Working Environment Specification
P1.25 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P1.25 Video Wall Specification
P1.5 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P1.5 Video Wall Specification
P1.6 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P1.6 Video Wall Specification
P1.8 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P1.8 Video Wall Specification
P2.0 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P2.0 Video Wall Specification
P2.5 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P2.5 Video Wall Specification
P3.0 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P3.0 Video Wall Specification
P4.0 HYSYS Indoor Fixed P4.0 Video Wall Specification

Outdoor LED Video Wall Solutions

outdoor video wall

Outdoor LED Video Walls are planned to utilize DIP innovation, which makes them reasonable for any climate. Having high liveliness and permeability, the substance on the LED Wall can be noticeable from far away separation in any event, during day and night. From giving indispensable enlightening messages or streaming live occasions, to advancing and advertising your image, it’s easy to grasp why video walls are gaining in popularity at such an exponential rate.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Brands Name Working Environment
P4 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed P4 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P5 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed P5 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P6 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed P6 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P8 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed P8 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P10 mm HYSYS Outdoor Fixed P10 Outdoor Video Wall Specification