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Technology is taking a large step in changing demographics, we at Artisan Netcom India Private Limited ensure you that you will not leave behind in that race. We provide high-quality video conferencing solutions in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR, and India, it can be utilized in Boardroom, Meeting room, Distance Education, Interviews, and many more. With the help of video conferencing, many problems are solved, at present, it becomes the most useful part of our life.

Types of Video Conferencing Solutions

#1. Video Conferencing Solutions for Auditorium

Sometimes meeting held in a large space may be a problem we are here to assist you with a different solution. Large space required a professional sound system and video distribution system with multiple displays, we provide you all the video conferencing solutions and give you a complete set up so that meeting can run smoothly. As auditorium spaces are intended to hold a wide range of events, the AV innovation ought to engage the speaker with the adaptability to present to move around the space without any problem.

#2. Video Conferencing Solutions for meeting room

The meeting room may be of different sizes according to the group of people like 4 people seating, 10 people seating according to that we provide you display and sound system. High-performing video experience for both you and your guests, every time.

video conferencing setup in room

#3. Video-Conferencing Solutions for Board Room & Conference Room

Board rooms and conference rooms structured by Artisan Netcom improve the environment for gatherings, operational client interaction, and diminishes corporate travel costs. It additionally gives meeting members the flexibility so that they can participate and take an interest distantly, in case they are unable to be physically present.

#4. Indoors & Outdoors True Color Active LED Video Wall Solutions

LED video wall is included direct view LED shows that cooperate as a unit to show content as though it were a solitary screen. LED screens are unimaginably proficient on the grounds that every part is answerable for directing and emanating its own light. We provide a solution for both indoor and outdoor meetings.

Audio System providers and system integrators for Stadiums, Conference Halls, Seminar Halls, Auditoriums, Board Rooms

We Artisan Netcom located in North India provide a professional sound system for various purposes with high-quality audio.

#5. Turnkey Projects of Audio Visual Solutions for Auditoriums

Artisan offers to spearhead innovation with the establishment and combination of sound and video conferencing frameworks for corporate AV plan. Through our relationship with all-around famous brands, we give the most intuitive, intriguing, and understandable medium to empower compelling and beneficial endeavor coordinated effort.

#6. Lighting & acoustic Paneling in Conference Rooms

The acoustic ceiling does help to dampen noises among floors and they can be painted to coordinate the stylistic theme of the Conference Room. We combine standard-compliant LED workplace luminaires with flexible acoustic panels so that everyone feels interactive.